Folk Show Evenings

Spend an unforgettable evening in a splendid scenery, accompanied by traditional Polish music, and consume traditional Polish dishes and drinks.

Folk Show means:
– traditional songs and dances performed by a Cracovian folk ensemble
– possibility to learn about the Polish culture and cuisine in a nutshell
– meals prepared in accordance with traditional Polish cuisine recipes
– tasty foods, great fun and unforgettable experience
– free transfer

Folk Show evenings are organized:
from 22nd April – till 31st October – every Monday & Thursday
from 1st July – till 30th September – every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
from 1st November – till 18th April – every Thursday

– a welcoming glass of cherry brandy
– a dinner of three courses: sour rye soup with potatoes and sausage pork chop with roasted potatoes and stewed cabbage apple pie served hot with ice cream
– unlimited buffet with drinks:
Fruit drink
– unlimited buffet with traditional Polish cuisine dishes (available after dinner): bread, lard, cucumbers in brine, cold meats and sausages, cheeses, pork jellies with vegetables, salads, fruit, a mix of roasted dumplings, a mix of grilled meats, potato casserole, bigos stew


What is the dress code at the Folk Show?
Casual smart dress will be appreciated. Any folk accents from you country or associated with the Polish culture will be welcome.

Can I book a table for two?
Our evenings are organised as feasts at a large table where everyone sits together to integrate and have fun. This is why we cannot guarantee that a table will be booked as per your preferences. There is an option that other Guests will sit there with you at the table, which will be a good opportunity to integrate.

Assembly point
The bus leaves from the ul.Dietla Kiss & Ride stop (around 150 metres from the Grunwald Bridge, maround 550 metres from the Wawel Royal Castle, vis a vis Dietla 7 Street, behind the Nadwislan club football pitch). Below google maps link
Please look for a bus branded Folk Show advertisement.

What time is the assembly?
The bus departs at 6:45 p.m. Please come 10 minutes earlier. If you want to come to our evening party on your own, the Folk Show in our Inn begins at 7:15 p.m.

What time is the return?
The Folk Show ends at 9:30 p.m. in our restaurant. Guests will be brought back to the bus parking at Dietla street at around 10:00 p.m.

What is the price?
179 zł/adult with transport, 159 zł/adult/without transport
70 zł/child aged 6-12 with transport, 60 zł/child aged 6-12 without transport
child 6 years of age – free (dinner is not served)


What if I have a food allergy?
If you have a food allergy, please notify us via e-mail ( specifying the booking number. We will do our best to adapt the menu of the three-course dinner to your allergy.

What happens if I am late?
If you know you are going to be late at the assembly point, please contact us via telephone (at 12 357 10 06). If you are to be late by no more than 5 minutes, we will try to wait for you. If your delay is to be greater, we will help you order a taxi (it costs approx. PLN 30).

Can I stay longer at the restaurant?
Our restaurant closes with the end of the Folk Show, so you cannot stay longer.


What is the location of the restaurant where the Folk Show is to be held?
Our Skansen Smaków restaurant lies within a 30 minutes’ drive from Krakow. It is a traditional wooden inn far from the city hustle and bustle, on a beautiful lake. Our address: Karczma Skansen Smaków, Cholerzyn 424, 32-060 Liszki.

What if I have a group interested in taking part in the Folk Show?
There is an option to hold the Folk Show evening for organised groups on any day of the week. The price for organising an individual Folk Show evening for groups depends on the group size. Folk Show evenings have been organised in our Inn since 2014. Tourists have enjoyed them a lot, as confirmed by numerous positive comments on the website TripAdvisor

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